Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hello World!

Oh my how the times they are a changing!  I have grown tired of facebook and the time it ate up in my life and so I am reverting back to my blog.  Perhaps I will find more enjoyment from it.

This morning I opened an email from my mil that was titled 'Dog Shamming'.  That was certainly good for a chuckle as it contained photos of dogs with signs around their necks or next to them stating what they were ashamed of.  I have certainly had my share of dogs who needed to wear a shame sign but most recently my horse Gunner should be wearing one.

I some how think there is no shame in his mind for what he did, but none the less... Last fall Jack my dear husband bought me a fantastic white plastic fence that borders two sides of my lawn.  It is beautiful.  It makes our place look really sharp.  This fall, Gunner pushed on the fence so much trying to get to the raspberry plants that he broke the top of one of the boards.  Jack is furious, and rightfully so.  We are trying to decided how to keep them off said lovely fence.  Gunner on the other hand is going about his every day existence of eating hay and not being ridden.

More on the horses and what they have been up to in the near future!  Enjoy your last few days of November and the warmer weather we are supposed to get.  Cheerio!

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